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The Box: Season 3 Begins!

June is june-ing all over the place, which means the vegetable box has returned! We experienced a very mild winter in New England this year (although if you had asked me about it in mid-February, I would have scowled, cast … Continue reading

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Full disclosure: I grew up in a big Irish/Welsh/Catholic/Protestant family, emphasis on Irish and Catholic. These four descriptors—and ensuing emphasis—mean that, growing up, I (almost) never received a nutritionally-sound, much less delicious, meal. I include the parentheses because sometimes a … Continue reading

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Je Ne Regrette Rien: Revisiting Portland, Part 2

Having already sipped my way through the Willamette Valley (more about that here), I turned my focus to clean water issues for (most of) my remaining time in Portland. I insert (most of) because I could not, you understand, pass … Continue reading

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A (Lamb) Shoulder To Cry On

I’ve been pretty low lately. The type of low in which popular songs on the radio bring me to tears*. Work is kicking my ass (and biting my ankles and just generally pantsing me). I’m trying to keep my chin … Continue reading

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Sheep Thrills

I’ve been mired of late in a particularly trenchant existential crisis. Of course the EC in and of itself is nothing new to me; I spend approximately eighteen hours of every day drifting in and out of some form of … Continue reading

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I Lamb What I Lamb

A few years ago I took at class on beef butchery at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. It was very cool. And by cool, I mean downright cold because the class took place in what (I … Continue reading

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