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My Dad Liked Welsh Cookies

I have long neglected this blog and it seems I mostly use it to talk about death anyway. How’s that for an appealing intro? Last week my dad died. He made it to 90-1/2, by far the longest-lived member of … Continue reading

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May is Burger Month, and I signed on with the amazing Kita Roberts and a bunch of other burger lovers at to create a burger that would celebrate the ultimate realization of the whole meat-between-bread epiphany brought to us … Continue reading

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Orphan Peeps and Pineapples

Perhaps no other item announces spring more sweetly than the Peep. These wee marshmallow chicks, bedecked in crunchy technicolor sugar, hold a special power over our collective consciousness from mid-February until late April. Those beady eyes and tiny beaks slay … Continue reading

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More Orphans!

Friends, we’re back with episode two of the Orphan Food Challenge! Once again, Monika and Jenni came through with a trio of fantastic ingredients fully ripe for a gustatory makeover. I may have squee-ed out loud when I saw these … Continue reading

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The Orphan Food Challenge

I love snow day cooking. I love the way the oven heats up our chilly house and the complete lack of guilt I feel over putterring in the kitchen on a weekday afternoon during which I would normally be in … Continue reading

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A Memory of my Big Brother

How did I land here? I ask myself this question almost every time I hang around my crazymessydelighfulloving family. How did I end up among this truly stellar, undeniably awesome, generally hilarious, and always big-hearted crew? If you are reading … Continue reading

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Semaphore and Gibberish

We’re at the second to the last vegetable box for the season which almost prompts me to ask, “where has the time gone?” However, I’ve spent almost every post bemoaning my own procrastination and sluggishness, and I know, on my … Continue reading

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Wasting Moments

In keeping with my theme of produce procrastination, I have two boxes to report on. Rest easy: I have no grand emotional scrimmages to agonize over, nor any lightning bolt revelations about BIG and IMPORTANT things. Just food: the glorious … Continue reading

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Meet Elvis.

See these people? These sweaty, wonderful, generous people? This is my GRIT team. My gym family. The people who put up with my truly juvenile humor, my aging and creaky bones, and my often tenuous grasp on choreography. The people … Continue reading

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Ever Since I Gave Up Hope I’ve Been Feeling So Much Better

I’ve contemplated (and complained, because I’m a complainer) quite a bit lately on failure, and how it plays such a constant and ever-growing role in my life. Wah, wah, wah. Grumble, grumble. But then today, I read an interview with … Continue reading

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