New Playlist

It’s been a while since I posted a legit playlist, but this one rode well, so I’ll pass it along.

The intervals were fierce and the heart rate soared, but my fine group of GRRL cyclists at CORE came, saw, and crushed the workout.

  • The lead off track is from the new Passion Pit album; it’s chime-y and full of exuberance. 1985 was a good year, indeed.
  • Track 4 is new from The Struts; it’s got some nice nervy tension in the verse (the hand-clapping!) with an anthemic chorus. Luke Spiller’s lead vocals are very obviously informed by his predecessors of the mid-00s “The” bands (Strokes, Libertines, Killers), with a little Freddy Mercury wannabe swagger in there as well. I predict it will be on the¬†soundtrack to something.
  • I used the¬†Jauz remix for Ed Sheeran’s “Sing.” Find it if you can, (Spotify doesn’t have it). Jauz’s remix adds some grit and dubstep to the tune, which is welcomed against Sheeran’s falsetto.
  • Grace Potter is now sans Nocturnals with her new album Midnight. I thought her voice was in fine form until I read the Chrissy Hynde autobiography last week and then listened obsessively to the Pretenders for several days. Chrissy’s voice spoiled me for anyone else; Potter sounds positively anemic in comparison. Still: “Look What We’ve Become” is a perfectly fine song for grinding out a steep hill.
  • “Alive” was reportedly written by Adele and offered to Rhianna, who refused it. Too bad for you, RiRi. Sia performs admirably on this and provides a good reminder for the cool down: we may feel positively battered after the ride, but we’re still alive.

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